Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new old stuff

I love drawing on the markerboard because you can constantly refine the drawing and do it really big and free-flowing.  That being said, these prumpkins are still in the sketch stage, but I want to do something more with them.  It would be really cool if someone actually liked them enough to get something like it tattooed. Until then it'll be crosses and kids names.  
I've had this acrylic wood painting sitting around for a couple years now, I think I've posted it maybe once. It's hanging in the shop now and although I really like it I really just want to get rid of it or trade it with someone.  I've only had a handful of people look at it and get what I was trying to do.  It's a star wars reference if you're lost. It's a handless Luke hanging from an antenna on cloud city.  If any one of the 2 people who look at this blog are interested in it, let me know. That's all for today.  I've got some cool stuff down the pipe though, including a drawing for my first half- sleeve.  Thanks for looking. 


  1. Update r good!

    Keep em' coming bro guenin

  2. Haha. I'll take a prumpkin...if you can figure out some life meaning to go with it. I like my tattoos to mean something to me. Haha.

  3. how about if we throw a crow in there somewhere? I would love to do that. And I'd do it cheap. It'd have to be pretty big though. Let me know what you think. prumpkins rule hard.