Tuesday, December 21, 2010

still on it

I'm kind of proud that I'm actually still making posts on this blog. I think this one will make 35 so far. So, for some reason or another, I've been drawing a lot of owls, and I've gotten to tattoo a couple, which i have no complaints about. A friend of a friend named Mike was interested in getting a huge owl/tree forearm piece. So i drew a couple of things up for him, that can be seen below. He wanted skulls within the branch, so i did it kind of biomechish and threw some skulls/half skulls in there. I have also posted a three-eyed owl tatatatt that i did the other day. I'm still working on getting my tattoos to have that clean look, it's been a long hard road. I have to tell you that it's not as easy as it may sometimes look. It's definitely the hardest medium I have ever worked in.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Owls and Pylons Don't Mix

I don't really know why Chad wanted a street pylon with a face on it, but that's rad by me. He just asked me to do whatever I wanted. That never happens. It had to be quick, and since it was meant mainly to fill a spot, I used a Sharpie(Beau Guenin only uses Sharpie brand sharpie markers folks) to freehand it on the skin. This thing was a lot of fun to do, I reverted back to the usual shading scheme of warm with a cool lowlight. It worked out pretty well, not my worst tattoo, not my best but a lot of fun.

A couple weeks ago I posted on facebook that I really wanted to do an owl tattoo, and I got a couple of positive responses. After Ashley and I agreed on which sketch we were going to tattoo, she came in and got this on her inner arm. Also fun. You can't beat animals wearing people clothes. Just try it. You can't. It may be a while before post something new, what with the holidays and all. So merry christmas dudes.

The hand of God.

And now what may be my mostest best tattoo yet. My friend Amanda had the idea for this tattoo probably 2 years ago, and I had drawn it up for her, but she wasnt too crazy about it. It's a good thing, though, because when i look back now, that initial design really sucked compared to the one she got tattooed. So last year she had me redraw it and we kept talking about getting her in, and it finally happened last month sometime. I say it might be my best tattoo because a few of my peers( that I have a great amount of respect for) told me it was. It may or may not be, but either way, Amanda and I were both really happy with the way it turned out, I really want to do more stuff like this but I rarely get the opportunity to do so.

Egyptian Magician

I don't know why i put that as the title. I was listening to some old Jerky Boys this week and it's still funny. To me, at least. Wow. this last few weeks have been super slow, yet, i feel like i have made some improvements in my tattooing and in my art. I started using thicker liners and I feel like it has made my tattoos look a little more bold and solid, which I like. I have been studying Tim Biedron's tattoos quite a bit, and he does quite a bit of fine-lining for contours within the subject, and it gives his pieces such a great look. Therefore, I'm definitely keeping my tight 5 handy for that type of stuff. This all just thinking to myself, I suppose, on with the pictures! I finished this mermaid- and I got to tattoo a drawing of a wolf that I had done just for fun. Both on the same person, I might add. Thanks Robert.