Friday, December 3, 2010

Egyptian Magician

I don't know why i put that as the title. I was listening to some old Jerky Boys this week and it's still funny. To me, at least. Wow. this last few weeks have been super slow, yet, i feel like i have made some improvements in my tattooing and in my art. I started using thicker liners and I feel like it has made my tattoos look a little more bold and solid, which I like. I have been studying Tim Biedron's tattoos quite a bit, and he does quite a bit of fine-lining for contours within the subject, and it gives his pieces such a great look. Therefore, I'm definitely keeping my tight 5 handy for that type of stuff. This all just thinking to myself, I suppose, on with the pictures! I finished this mermaid- and I got to tattoo a drawing of a wolf that I had done just for fun. Both on the same person, I might add. Thanks Robert.

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