Thursday, May 27, 2010

Collaboration Sketches

Joel and I have been talking about doing a split set of flash for a while now and finally got around to putting it into action.  He already had a rad indian princess piece finished with room for something else, so I took the opportunity to draw something that would go along with said princess.  I have this glow-in-the-dark indian "Geronimo" figure that I found at the thrift store a while back that is one of my favorite things maybe ever.  I loosely based my drawing on him, then the bonnet girl just kinda came about from that.  The influence/s are obvious here.   I go back and forth between loving new school and neo traditional styles. Anyway, I'll be sure to post the finished flash later. Really excited about it. 


  1. so what is the significance of the 3 candles?

  2. The only real significance is that they just help balance the piece out. They're just a design element.