Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something else to update. . ..

My wife laughed at me when I said I was starting a blog.  I probably would've had the same reaction had I been her.  I don't have a whole lot of art being created on a timely basis, let alone enough to have a whole blog about it.  However, I've entertained the idea of having a blog for quite a while after being frustrated with not being able to post sufficient written info alongside a photo on other sites such as myspace.  The only hold up is that I feel it may be a bit pretentious for me to start a blog about my tattoos/art, as I am in no way a big name in that realm. So I suppose if I had to explain myself, it would be to simply say I just really enjoy writing, and I thought it might be fun.  My blog title, "MUTE" is the only "shop name" that I acquired in my short career as a tattooer- given to me by my mentor Hank Hernandez for the simple reason that I hardly ever talk.  That being said, this paragraph is getting a bit long, so yay for me and this blog. I hope someone else gets a kick out of it. 


  1. ill follow your blog a big fan....we can talk tattoos anytime you want...T

  2. thanks man its nice to have a fan. Im a fan of you too because you get well thought out and orignal pieces. and because you can do a wicked Aaron Neville.

  3. MUTE would make a sweet name for a shop.

    MUTE tattoo studio - or Studio MUTE.