Friday, October 29, 2010

"Mer-MAN! mer-man."

So here's Michael's shield. He's a super nice guy and brought me some bangin cinnamon rolls as a nice surprise. Here'sthe start of Robert's mermaid, which I am very pumped about doing, and I have also posted the final drawing beside it. It's heavily influenced by Craig Driscoll, I'm pretty much his number one fan. And finally, here is what I think me be my first legit half-sleeves(almost done), Phil's tree. He wanted it half dead and half alive, gnarly at the bottom and smooth at the top. The girl on the island is art by Banksy, who you should know if you're into art whatsoever.

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  1. on a side note, I used a 9 mag on the mermaid, rather than my usual 7, and I feel like the texture of the final tattoo turned out a lot smoother this time. I might have to try using 9's more. Let this be a lesson to all you tattooers who never read this blog that experimenting is crucial to growth.