Monday, January 17, 2011

"For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing."
Simon Wiesenthal

Lately I have felt some kind of extreme social responsibility, and although this quote is overly-epic, and on the brink of cheese, I think it is spot on. Sometimes I have to really ask myself if what I'm doing has an impact, and what kind, positive or negative. I suppose all I can do to make a positive mark in my occupation is to treat people kindly and fairly, and to do my best work on every tattoo.
I thank God for this job everyday, and don't take it for granted, there's nothing I'd rather be doing. The only way to "repay" Him in the slightest is to make the most of it.

That's all.


  1. Hey, I would like to give you what I'm thinking for my tattoo and have you draw up a thing or two (with deposit of course cause I realize even the sketches are time consuming and time is money). I think I'm looking at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb for estimated time to get it done (that's when my recovery time will be up). Just let me know what I'm looking at for deposit price.

  2. to quote professor crossman, "make work worship". we are blessed. i love you.