Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Old Man and the Sea.

This is somewhat of a dream project for me to land, everything about it is great; a cool concept, a simple idea that can be carried out without too much going on in the tattoo, a good area to work on, great subject matter. These are drawings for what will be Josh's forearm piece, based on, of course "the old man and the sea" by Hemmingway. I know this guys reads a lot and has a lot of respect for classic literature, so I feel a great duty to do this thing justice. I went through a lot of research and preliminary drawings, the ones that made the cut can be seen here, as well as the final drawing. Totally unrelated, I added a sketch for a tattoo I get to do down the road, which I'm really stoked about. I haven't gotten to do a shark yet.

On a different note, I had something really unfortunate happpen the other day, I dropped my portable hard drive and sent all my tattoo photos and drawings i had scanned to oblivion, not to mention my family and friend photos. On top of that, I can't scan without it(long story), so therefore I have to take photos of drawings instead. The quality therefore suffers, but I dont feel too bad, considering the amount of "followers" on the blog. I know theres a bunch of other crap i wanted to say but, as usual, I have forgotten it.

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